Plastic Bodies was a short film project directed by the wonderful Melissa Whitman. This was the first horror film soundtrack I got to work on, and it was a joint composition between myself and  long time collaborator and bandmate Mary Hamer.

Film Description:

Lucy, is an average sized woman living in a “skinny” world. One night, she is left to work alone in a hip fashion boutique and the pressures of seeking the perfect body begin to get the best of her. She takes an experimental weight loss medication guaranteed to give her the body she wants. Unfortunately, it has unintended side effects causing Lucy to wonder if she’s losing her mind, or if something more sinister is at play.

This project was interesting because of how little dialog there was, which left a lot of space open for music and sound. We wanted to create that sense of tension and internal conflict that the main character, Lucy, is dealing with. We also wanted the music to transition from a more concrete style of tension building ambient sounds to a more chaotic and surreal sound as Lucy starts to lose grip on reality and the film becomes less grounded.

We tried to achieve this through various sonic textural changes and arrhythmic parts as well as mangling “Lucy’s Theme” leitmotif.

Aside from the general soundscape of the film, there were two other musical pieces we had to create: the credits music and the ‘pop song’ that Lucy dances to while listening through her headphones.

For the credits, it was requested we do an original song in a dark cabaret style. It was important to us to have prominent percussion and a powerful lead in to the song so mark a distinct cut to the credits and a finality to the film.


Rating: Unrated
Genre: Horror
Directed By: Melissa Whitman
In Theaters: Oct 30, 2014 Limited



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