Andy Feest is streamer and personality better known as Knoweldge1970. The focus of his shows tends to be on space games, mostly focused on the popular game Elite: Dangerous. As Andy has been growing his stream, he wanted to create an eye catching video to act as an introduction to his show as he goes live. Andy hired me to work provide a custom song that he would craft the video to.

Approaching this song, I knew the video had to act as a way to welcome people to the show and give them time to get settled. To say “pay attention, we are starting soon.” I also wanted it to have a good musical arc, building and building into Knowledge’s entrance. I also knew that it would be a bit of a theme, not only for Knowledge, but for the community built up around his channel. This would be a song that his fans would hear multiple times a week, and I want them to feel some ownership of the song as well.

I wanted the song to have a sci fi feel and to feel pretty epic. A channel built around space should have a song that conveys that sense of wonder and vastness, especially since Andy tends to be an explorer in space games, finding the far reaches of the galaxy. Keeping with this idea, I had to put in a bit of a nod to Dr. Who.