Hello! I’m Elizabeth Lain, a Seattle based composer, performer, rock oboist, and urban mermaid. I’ve been writing music ever since I first started banging on my family’s piano.

I bring my special brand of absurdity to projects that range from the short horror film “Plastic Bodies,” to podcasts and music for internet shows.

I’m half of the Avant Garde band DUET_ . I also play oboe, keyboards, and djembe with The Nathaniel Johnstone Band. In addition to these collaborative projects, I compose and record orchestral and hybrid music with synthetic and sampled sounds and live instruments.

I work with the Seattle Video Game Orchestra and Choir, arranging and writing music for their live performances.

Every week, I host “Coffee and Composition,” a live show on Twitch TV. Come and watch me compose! I enjoy teaching people how to write music and showing them what goes into making songs and albums behind the scenes.

If you are want to learn more check out my full portfolio and if you are interested in hiring me for your project don’t hesitate to contact me!